Sidewalk Counseling Tips: What To Say To An Accomplice?


1175428_10151830455437931_2119265729_nAs many of you know, while ministering on the sidewalk, we get into countless conversations with those either driving or accompanying someone to the mills for their abortion “procedure”. Most of the time, this is the father of the baby, maybe the parents of the pregnant mom or a friend of the mom, who you are engaging. On occasion sidewalk counselors have talked to grandparents, johns and even pastors.

So how do you respond when they say, “I personally don’t believe in abortion but it’s not my decision”, “I just drove her here” or “I’m just here to support her because I didn’t want her to come alone.”

Sidewalk Counseling Tips

Let’s break down these statements…so if they personally don’t believe in abortion, I suggest asking them “Why?” Naturally, their answer is going to be that they believe that abortion is the taking of an innocent human life. The next question to ask is, “If they would support their friend, daughter, or girlfriend if they were about to murder a two- year old?” Obviously, their answer is going to be “no” so the follow-up question is, “Why are they supporting her as she takes the steps to kill the innocent child in her womb?”

Because God has written, ‘His law is on the heart of every man, woman, and child’ we naturally should appeal to this spiritual truth. Begin by explaining to any companion that just as in the case of someone knowingly driving another to commit a bank robbery will be held guilty in a court of law as an accomplice so will the driver and/or accomplice be held accountable to God for their involvement in the killing of an innocent baby in the womb.

Sidewalk counseling tips include pleading for the companion to accept our literature and asking them to take it into the mom inside in order to speak to her one last time about her decision. Reassure them that while they make this last-ditch effort the team of sidewalk counselors will support them in prayer. This is an alternative to sitting outside, doing nothing and eternally regretting their role in the murderous act.

These sidewalk counseling tips are just some of the ways to handle this very common scenario. Please feel free to add comments and thoughts below or contribute other “talking points” to help all of us in this endeavor to save lives and to spread the truth of the Gospel.

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