David and Amanda Schaffer

David Schaffer, Director/Evangelism Team Lead/Life Network Team Lead

Amanda Schaffer, Sidewalks4Life Team Lead/Secondary Treasurer


DavidandAmandaSchafferDavid and Amanda got started in the pro-life movement in September of 2012 after watching 180movie. This movie got them to think about what they were doing on the pro-life front. They started going out to the abortion mills in November of 2012 to do sidewalk counseling. Amanda has a family history of being active in the pro-life movement as her grandmother lead a Gospel oriented movement back in Phoenix, AZ. David and Amanda had plans of becoming missionaries in this field as soon as they got started.

After going just one time David knew this is something him and his family had to continue to do. God had planted this on them and as such they wanted to find a Gospel oriented group to associate with and that is how they came to join up with Cities4Life and eventually start the Nashville, TN Chapter in April 2013.

David and Amanda have three children: Austin, Eli & Mikayla.

Education – Current Profession
David – A.A.S 2012 Volunteer State C.C. – Senior IT Support Specialist for Dialysis
Amanda – Wife and Homeschool Mother



Rachel Stoll

Relationship Team Lead

rachelMy name is Rachel,  I am married to my childhood sweetheart, Timothy Stoll for 26 years. We have 5 children, 2 boys, 3 girls. Clint 23, is and married to Hannah with a little boy named CJ. Renee, 22, is married to Caleb Kiernan and they have 1 little boy, Emmett, and expecting baby Asher any day. Amy, Robin, and Timothy  are the ones still at home and join us at the mill.

My husband and I were both raised very sheltered, and I knew about abortion but never thought about it, until that first time I went with a friend to the mill. It wasn’t real to me what really happens and that people are seriously taking the lives of little unborn babies!  I cried that day, dumbstruck as I stood watching helplessly as men and women went through those doors to have their babies killed. I came home and cried some more, and there was a sadness in my heart like I had never felt before.  It never crossed my mind whether I would go to the abortion mill again – nothing could keep me away! I had no idea how to talk to strangers about God and their babies, but if nothing else I could just be there and pray.

Over the past few months my life has changed, I am not the same person I used to be.  I love talking to strangers now, and God has taught me that I will plant the seed but He will make it grow!  My children have also gained a passion for the lost and are excited to be a part of ministry to the lost. I am so thankful and filled with joy because Jesus shed His blood for my sins and took my place on that cross. I want everyone to know there is hope in Jesus and they don’t have to die in their sins, face judgement, and go to Hell – He paid it all!  Spending time with family, gardening, cooking, playing with my grandkids, playing volleyball ball, and doting on my man are a few of my hobbies. I am so blessed to be a part of Cities4Life Nashville.


Amber and Justin Miller

justinamberOnly a few months ago, Amber went for the first time to stand out front of an abortion mill and observe the outreach work that was being done there by the local Christians. That trip created a passion for the unborn and their mothers that were walking into the slaughter house. After Justin’s first experience witnessing outside of the clinic they decided that they had found the ministry they wanted to be involved in as a family. Justin is a concrete expert with a busy contracting business. Amber’s hobbies include her family, hunting with her husband, running, and making raw and very healthy deserts.

At the abortion mill, Amber focuses on distributing materials and counseling women while Justin walks the nearby streets praying for the work at the abortion mill and witnessing to anyone he can find. They are excited to be a part of Cities4Life, because not only are they a voice for the unborn, but they are dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ – the ultimate cure.