A Difference is Being Made


Praise the Lord! The mill was having an employees meeting today (Thursday 5/23/2013) and no babies were murdered. We are affecting them as last Friday they also had a employees meeting! This is highly unusual for them to do this … Continued

tiny hands booklet

Tiny Hands Books Discounted in MAY!


Just $.50 to possibly save a life! We believe so much in what God is doing with the Tiny Hands that Hold My Heart crisis pregnancy booklet that we are offering them for just $.50 each. This is a full color 25 … Continued

stericycle nashville pickup

My eyes have been open…


  Will you help? Read about Amber’s first time at the Nashville Planned Parenthood.  “Let me set the scene. Picture yourself standing on the sidewalk at an abortion clinic near Nashville, you are careful to watch your steps because if even … Continued