They are Coming Because of Sidewalk Counseling



A few weeks ago one of our sidewalk counselors, Rachel, went to Hope Clinic in Nashville to get more flyers for the pre-abortion packets. The women that worked there were so excited to see her and told her that the work we are doing through sidewalk counseling is so important. The staff told her that they have had a LOT more business lately due to increased efforts in sidewalk counseling. Rachel asked how they knew that it had anything to do with the sidewalk counseling and they told her that the girls tell them who gave them the information. They said, “It’s seeds you are planting! They are coming for help here because of you!”

Be very encouraged in knowing that just because when we are sidewalk counseling the women don’t tell us they’ve chosen Life, many are going for help and are not having abortions!!! What we are even more excited is the results of the eternal seeds that we will see in heaven!
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